Hi Chevarro,

A few weeks ago ( January 2010) you came up to Coffs Harbour and cleansed our house at 52 Gallipoli Road – the purple house. At the time you said to me that it wouldn’t sell at auction but a family with young children would make an offer not long after. You also said that it would be less than we wanted, but it would be ok.

Well, you were right. The family made an offer that was less than we wanted but we need to move on and it’s enough to enable us to do that, so we accepted it.

Thanks for all your help.


Hi Chevarro, I am contacting you with some good news.

You may remember me from your "Spirit Talkers" Medium Show at Yamba in January this year. You all predicted that a nice lady would come into my life within about 2 weeks or 2 months. Well, everything you all said has been very accurate, met her in early February, and we have so much in common. I have never been happier.

Nobody else has given me readings over the last couple of years that has given me anything decent to go by, so I am very grateful to all of you.

Thank-you all again for your guidance.

Peter A. - Yamba

I have never done a testimonial before but I would just like to say that I went to the show on a girl's night out with some dear friends of mine and just went with an open heart and mind.

We had a brilliant time and all were touched in some way with information from both Flavia and Rayleen. I went to the show with nothing particular I felt I needed to know but was given some beautiful information about my family and myself that was deep down worrying me and came out with such a glow and a definite feeling of a warm soft blanket wrapped around me.

So, thank you again .... I will try and get to Port Macquarie in January.

Kind Regards, Cindy XX - South West Rocks

This is a message for Chevarro who did my reading at Coffs Harbour last weekend.

I saw you around lunch time on Saturday the 24th April, not sure if you remember me but I just wanted to thank you for you wisdom and kindness. You helped me in so many ways, you helped me to find some clarity and I left feeling much more optimistic. You have a beautiful loving energy and it was a real pleasure to spend half an hour with you.

In appreciation and with love, Gaynor.

Re: Inverell Medium Show.

Hi Chevarro, Thank you for the photo. We enjoyed the Inverell show and look forward to seeing you again. Keep up the great work as you continue to enrich people's lives.

Well done & many thanks, Sue (Texas QLD).

From a recent client of Chevarro who had a clearing & cleansing performed :

"Many times people have said that this was clear and then it came back. No one has ever cleared the way that you have done and the feelings of it being gone are so evident. Friends that visit have also commented. Even my husband, who is a bit of a skeptic, feels so much more relaxed. I feel a giant breakthrough, just awesome! Thanks Chevarro"

Anna at Old Bar.

Hi Chevarro,
I was just enquiring about what field you specialize in, and what do you charge for your consultations?. Also I attended your show at Moby's Resort, Pacific Palms with Rayleen and found her to be very good. Thank you so much again it was a great night.


Hi Chevarro from the "Spirit Talkers"
I recently attended your show at the Wingham Club where Rayleen was the Medium on stage that night, it was absolutely amazing. She is such a warm and sincere lady, she is so accurate & there was a real buzz amongst the audience. I have been involved in the spiritualist scene for over 20 years now and Rayleen would have to be ranked as up there as being one of the best.

Really enjoyed myself, thank you.

AURA-MYSTICS was featured on Channel Ten's "Monday to Friday" show. The hosts, Greg Evans and Joan Hardy were photographed and their auric colours interpreted for them with great accuracy. Such was the excitement generated by the photographs and the readings that the whole crew including cameramen, sound technicians and producers were photographed. At times the filming of other segments was delayed slightly by a missing crew member who just happened to be deeply engrossed in having his aura photographed and the interpretation done of his auric colours.

Aura-Mystics was invited to participate in the show after a Channel 10 producer had his aura photographed and interpretation done at a Psychic Fair that he attended with his family. This has also led to a number of radio interviews involving the widespread interest in auras which can also be described as your personal "living rainbow".

Hi Chevarro,
Thanks again for letting me photograph you at the Hawkesbury Psychic Fair, and especially for reading my aura.
It was a long drive out there from Sydney, but just this alone made the trip most worthwhile. Your reading of me was also fantastic. You touched on issues that I've been quite pre-occupied with lately, and it's given me a few things to think about. Possibly I might be able to write a magazine feature based around it, maybe in the New Year (such as a three-months-on story).

Jennie J.
Freelance Journalist, Sydney.


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