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Tarot Meaning Labels
Tarot Meaning Labels
Tarot High Priestess
Tarot Empress
Tarot Hierophant
Tarot The Chariot
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A quick & easy way to learn to read the Tarot?

To be able to amaze your friends with your psychic ability?

To be reading the Tarot like an expert in minutes?

Yes : Not days, not months but MINUTES;

Don't get frustrated; referring to your Tarot books in the middle of a reading?

Don't waste money buying those Tarot cards only to put them away after a few attempts to read them.

Throw those Tarot Books away.

Tarot Card Meaning Labels

Are a quick & easy way for you to read the cards & discover the answers to your questions about Love, Money & Career.

"Do you Teach Tarot Courses ? These are an invaluable learning aid for your students."

RRP $30.00
Includes Postage in Australia
(For international postage please contact us.)

Alternatively you can pay by Australia Post Money Order To :-
PO Box 287
Tuncurry NSW 2428

Tarot Magician
Tarot Emperor
Tarot The Lovers
Tarot Strength

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