Aura Awareness Workshops and Seminars

Have you ever wondered about auras? The colours, what they mean? We facilitate Aura Awareness Seminars and Workshops to give you the tools and information on how to go about perceiving and seeing auras.

These fascinating and intensive one-day workshops are a wonderful introduction for anyone interested in finding out about, or furthering their knowledge and awareness of auras. Learning about the kind of information it holds, what the colours mean and how they relate to your personality.

Topics include:
  • What is an Aura-Chakra
  • Techniques and Applications
  • Aura Programming
  • Interactive Activities on How to see and Perceive the Aura
  • Intuitive Exercises
  • Practical and interactive experience of seeing your aural energy in real time

A comprehensive workshop manual on all the activities and exercises supplied.

A practical demonstration of Aura Energy reading by Chevarro included.

Learn about auras from a Psychic Life Coach, Professional Aura Energy Reader and qualified workshop facilitator.

Workshops are limited to 10 participants.

If you would like to book or enquire about a Workshop/Seminar for your group or business, contact us now.

To book or enquire about any of the above Services please contact us by:


Mobile: 0417 403 488


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